Points to look into before buying exam software
 May 11, 2021

Points to look into before buying exam software

With the advent of technology and its wide acceptability, there is no doubt that exam software has a pivotal role to play in education sector very specially in transforming the way of conduction of exams. Needless to say, that online assessment platform will continue to become popular and important in the times of digital age. An examination process involves various activities which are time consuming, slow, tedious, less effective and expensive. To overcome all the shortcomings and achieve a superior quality performance a reliable online platform is required.
Points to consider before purchasing an online exam software

  1. Scalability, data backup and data security: These three features are the backbone of any online platform; therefore, it should be checked carefully. The system should be capable of accommodating multiple users at the same time without any geographical limitation. The system should not crash for slow down with the increase in the number of users. For this it should have a powerful emerging technology compatible server to ensure your fast response time, fast backup and data retrieval in case of technical error for power failure.
  2. Cost accessibility and data privacy: The system should be well within budget of Institution with no additional add on compulsory installation for software downloading charges for the users it should be equipped with fitting for surveillance method moreover the software should be easily available to user having a computer and network connection at the same time the system should ensure that data related to personal sensitivity and confidential information of Institution is not shared by outsider.
  3. LMS integration and data generation: The system software should be able to integrate with already existing system without causing any damage to it. It should be able to retrieve and use already existing data of the institution fetch a student details, lecture files, question bank, previous year record etc. It should be able to generate and display data without any human interference.
  4. Synchronised user-friendly interface: The system should be easy to use modify or update according to the sustainability of users. In order to make learning more interactive and interesting various modes of presentation such as multimedia based reports, graphics should be available. It should be able to produce instant notification for classes exam schedules assessment with complete accuracy. Also it should support several languages to make it easier for the student of remote states.
  5. Customer support: The system should be backed with a strong and approachable support team round-the-clock. For this, the supplier’s previous records and level of satisfaction achieved by client should also be investigated before purchasing a system software.