Conduct subjective exams via TutorArc technology

Conduct subjective exams via TutorArc technology

Technology led innovation changes the traditional mode of paper-pen subjective exam with TutorArc computer and pen tablet based online subjective exam.

What is an Online Subjective Exam?
Our platform provides a web application through which a student appears in exam in the same way as traditionally except pen and paper are replaced by a computer/laptop and pen-tablet controlled by TutorArc latest technology enabled software. Question paper is set by the admin or its staff. Student attempts the exam on scheduled date and time through a registered login ID and password either at organization computer lab or exam center computer lab. Student can do all he/she can with a pen and paper i.e. he/she can draw diagrams, figures, or write equations or solve matrics or make a balance sheet. This is not a text box based subjective exam. It's a realistic computerized subjective exam where an examiner is free to ask any type of question that he/she would have asked traditionally. Features a student can utilize during exam -

» Write answer in own's handwriting
» Draw diagrams, figures or pictures
» Draw graphs and geometrical figures
» Write answer through typing as well
» Erase or delete written content
» Make tables or use different color pens

Online subjective exam software through TutorArc uses revolutionary modes to make you save trees, save environment. You must be wondering how the student is able to utilize all these above features for a online subjective exam. This is done with the help of a personal student panel. A subjective exam screenshot is shown in image.

Dr. Shiv Anand
Dr. Shiv AnandSubject Matter Expert
Anand Sir is ex lecturer in post graduate college (Janta Vedic College, Baraut, UP) and having 15 Years teaching experience to teach B.Sc/M.Sc standard students of Indian University as well as US/UK Students. His mission is To provide world-class education through latest technology and high quality educational services to students around the world so he launch an International Online Educational Company.

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