Nuclei (Quiz)

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Q.1 Gold $_{79}^{198}Au$ undergoes β- decay to an excited state of $_{80}^{198}Hg$ . If the excited state, decays by emission of a γproton with energy 0.412 MeV, the maximum kinetic energy of the electron emitted in the decay is (This maximum occurs when the antineutrino has neglibile energy. The recoil energy of the $_{80}^{198}Hg$ nucleus can be ignored. The masses of the neutral atom in their ground states are 197.968225 u for $_{79}^{198}Au$ and 197.966752 u for $_{79}^{198}Hg$.)
  0.412 MeV
  1.371 MeV
  0.959 MeV
  1.473 MeV