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Online exam software is a web based online test/exam conducting software where a user attempt a MCQ/MSQ/NVT based questions in a online test.
With JUST EXAM secured servers your data is 100% secure and safe. We assure that you data will never be leaked from our side.
After commercial finalization the software set up usually takes from 30 mins to 24 hours depending upon peak work situations.
We have many different test softwares and each one has different price and plans but our basic service pricing starts from Rs. 10,000 per year with unlimited access to all resources.
Yes, we are a call away for a free demo of any of our exam softwares. To book a demo you can whatsapp us @ 9212462845.
Yes, with our online test series software its very simple and hassle free.
Yes, you can collect payment from students through third party secured payment gateway.
Creating an online test Just Exam is a quick. Create a test and import questions from excel or word. Publish it and the test is ready.
Our exam software support all commonly used browsers like google chrome, mozilla firfox, safari
Yes, Just Exam mobile app is available and compatible with devices like iPhone, Tablet, Windows and Android.
Yes, we are 100% fexible in customizing our software and services as per customer requirements
Yes, infact our exam software works in eight Indian languages
You can enter Multiple choices, Multiple choices with multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, True & False, Essay, Match the Matrix, Match the following, etc. Images, Formulas, and Videos can also be attached.
You can edit questions even in a live test if and when required.
You we do, you can upload your logo and favicon from admin account. You can update your organization name that will display to your users
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